What Our Recipients Say

What area children worry about:
"I worry about the bills. No one has a job in my house." 
"I worry about what my mom and dad will eat." 
"I worry about not getting my Buddy Pack."

How they feel when they get their Buddy Packs...
"Happy because it's FOOD!"
"I feel like saying 'HA HA' because I am happy! You are the best person I ever met for doing this for me. I want to say thank you!"
"Happy, hungry and energetic! Like it's my birthday!"

How Buddy Packs help them:
"It helps my family because it makes sure we're not starving."
"Sometimes, the food is our dinner."
"It helps me because whenever we run out of food, we don't have to go hungry."
"It gives me food when I need it. I have 9 brothers. It helps my family out in ways you couldn't even imagine."

Favorite Buddy Pack foods:
"Peanut Butter!"
"Applesauce and canned food."
"The square things that have sauce on them."
     (Canned ravioli)

What they want to tell donors:
"Thank you for giving us food and how kind-hearted you are."
"Thank you very much for helping me and my family!"
"Thank you for all you have done. Thank you for being kind, helpful and generous. You're a good person."