Sharing food. Bringing hope.

Food Drives

If you think a food drive sounds like a good idea, please follow these basic instructions:


  • Choose a start and stop date for your food drive and make an outline of your event.
  • Determine a food collection site that is highly visible and secure.
  • Develop an incentive plan for participants.
  • Contact Food/Fund Drive Coordinator, Michael Yetman by email or at 573-474-1020 to schedule a date to receive barrels/boxes and a date to pick up the full collection barrels.

*Note: Due to high transportation costs, we ask that you have at least a full collection barrel
before scheduling a food pick up.


  • Choose a theme for your food drive. Create a fun environment to boost participation.
  • Send out personal emails to people you want to participate.
  • Circulate news releases to local media outlets and post flyers around town.
  • Post signs at your chosen drop site one week before the event as a reminder.


  • Tally up the results of the food drive, and send the results to all participants.
  • Think about awarding the top donors with a certificate or other incentives.
  • Let the community know about the great amount of support you received through
    company newsletters and press releases.