Thank you for your interest in hosting a food/fund drive. Your efforts are critical to our operation.

Food drives allow communities to collect non-perishable items for The Food Bank. Most-needed items include canned meat, canned fruits and vegetables, beans, rice, cereal, peanut butter, soup and pasta. Any perishable goods such as fresh produce or bread may be taken directly to your local pantry. We accept wild game, however, it must be processed and labeled by a USDA approved meat processor and kept frozen after processing.

If you plan to collect more than 200 pounds of food, you may request our help with delivery and pick-up of donation barrels. Please complete the food drive form below to begin this process.

If you plan to host a small food drive, you may use sturdy boxes to collect items. At the end of your food drive, please drop off your collections at The Food Bank warehouse, 2101 Vandiver Drive, Columbia, MO.

Register a Food Drive

Most-needed items

Peanut Butter*              Boxed Meal Helpers           Fruit Cups
Canned Meat                Beans                                 Ready-to-Eat Entrees (pasta) in pop-top cans*
Canned Vegetables      Rice                                    Soup
Canned Fruit                Cereal*                               Funds (every $1 allows us to purchase $21 worth of groceries)

*Great for Buddy Pack-specific drives!

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*Food drives may request the official Food Bank logo. The logo may be used in its original color, black or white only. It shall not be distorted, stretched or skewed in any way. The Food Bank retains all rights.
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