32 totes and Lakeshia 51313 4786In 2012, The Food Bank distributed a record 28 million pounds of food, and we are on track to break another record this year.  That’s good, because the need for food in our service region is greater than ever. We need your help!  We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without the help of food donations from local companies, food drives and individuals motivated to help others in need.

If you would like to donate food, here’s a list of a few most-needed food items:
– Canned vegetables
– Canned fruit
– Canned meats such as tuna, chicken or beef
– Canned soup
– Boxed meals such as Hamburger Helper
– Pasta or rice
– Hot and cold cereal
– Peanut butter and jelly

Click here for most needed Buddy Pack items.

Most-needed household/personal care items:
– Toilet Paper
– Paper towels
– Deodorant
– Soap
– Toothpaste

Things to remember:
– Please do not give homemade goods such as baked goods or home-canned items
– All items must have labels and must be sealed

Encourage your co-workers or your entire company to donate food! You could encourage participation by offering a pizza party to those who pitch in, or add a special thanks to everyone who contributed in the next company newsletter.

Visit our Food Drives page to learn how to start one of your own.

Where to Donate:

If you would like to make a food donation, please drop it off at The Food Bank:

The Food Bank
2101 Vandiver Drive
Columbia, MO 65202

You may also drop food off at one of our agencies.