Sharing food. Bringing hope.

Give Time

Volunteers contributed more than 105,000 hours in 2013, equivalent to about 52 full-time jobs. Even at Missouri’s minimum wage, it would cost the Food Bank nearly $1 million¬†if we had to pay for this help! ¬†Volunteers do everything from repackaging bulk food into family-sized packages (over 3 million pounds worth in 2013!) to sorting canned goods from food drives, to picking apples at an orchard and corn at Bradford Farm.

Hundreds of great people also help us with fundraising events including a 5K race, a sporting clay shoot in June, radiothons, and other activities throughout central and northeast Missouri. You can be one of them!

You’re invited to volunteer one time or on a regular basis. Come with a group or come by yourself. You will be welcome, and there’s always someone you can team-up with at The Food Bank. For a volunteer schedule, Click here or call (573) 474-1020, or (800) 764-3663.


Volunteer Video