2016 Pounds Shipped to Howard County:

326,874 LBS

We work with the following agencies to get nutritional food to those in need in Howard County:


We distribute Buddy Packs on Fridays to children who receive
free or reduced-price lunches at school. In some cases, this food is the only nutrition these children have at home during weekends and holidays. In Howard County, we distribute Buddy Packs through the following school:


Providing 1 Buddy Pack every weekend for 1 school year = $180


In the News

Volunteers of all ages gathered at Hufstutter Orchard in Howard County on Sept. 11 to help pick apples for The Food Bank. The group harvested more than 800 pounds of apples for neighbors in need. 

Volunteers of all ages gathered at Hufstutter Orchard in Howard County on Sept. 11 to help pick apples for The Food Bank. The group harvested more than 800 pounds of apples for neighbors in need. 

Score Campaign Now in Howard County

The 2016 Missouri Tigers Score Against Hunger campaign will be held in Howard County for the first time ever.

The campaign is The Food Bank’s largest fundraising effort. Each fall, it challenges University of Missouri football fans to get in on the action by pledging a dollar amount per point scored during the season or by directing an outright gift to the Tigers’ campaign. 

Missouri Tigers Score Against Hunger began in 1995 under then MU Football Head Coach Larry Smith and continued under the helm of Coach Gary Pinkel. This year, Head Coach Barry Odom has agreed to carry on the tradition and participate. 

“With excitement around a new season under a new coach, we decided it was a good year to expand the campaign to all of our counties,” said Lindsay Young Lopez, executive director. “We know there are Tigers fans throughout central and northeast Missouri, so we wanted to make sure they had an opportunity to participate, as well.”

Donations from Score go directly into the acquisition and distribution of food to those in need. As of June 30, the half-way point in the fiscal year, The Food Bank had distributed more than 159,000 pounds of food in Howard County.

Missouri Tigers Score Against Hunger also encourages businesses and individuals to make leadership gifts, and those who do so are invited to a Victory Luncheon at the end of the season featuring Coach Odom.

Fayette Mobile Draws a Crowd

Emily declined the bag of yellow onions, but the rest was an unexpected surprise for the college student struggling to support herself.

The potatoes, package of ribs, vegetables, boxes of cereal and crackers would be enough to last her a couple of weeks, she said.

Emily was not planning to go to The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri’s Mobile Food Pantry in Fayette during a recent monthly visit. From her apartment window, she happened to notice the truck and Food Bank staff distributing food in the parking lot across the street. When she asked around and found out she would qualify for free food, she was thrilled and made two trips to transport her allotment back to her apartment in a red laundry basket.

Emily is studying nursing with the help of scholarships and financial aid. Her parents, who recently relocated from Missouri to Florida, provide an allowance but it goes toward rent and other bills. Emily does not have a job in order to focus on studies.

“This will really help me out,” she said. “It will last a while. I was surprised by how much they gave me.”
The Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry visits Fayette on the third Thursday of each month. On a particularly cold January morning, families and individuals lined up an hour before the pantry was slated to open. The Food Bank team quickly set up to serve people immediately. In all, more than 125 individuals—roughly 55 families—were able to access food that day.

For Betty, the mobile pantry supplements her fixed income. “After bills, there’s not much left,” she said. “So this helps a lot.”

Betty, a widow, raised four children, all of whom are now working adults with their own families. “I sacrificed a lot to get them an education so that they’d be better off than I am,” she said.

Although she struggles with diabetes and high blood pressure, Betty said she makes an effort to eat well, and The Food Bank helps her make healthy choices.
Tim and his wife, Michelle, rely on The Food Bank to help them support themselves. They met in a homeless shelter a year ago and married a month later. They’ve since been able to move out of the shelter and recently took in a 12-year-old boy whose mother is incarcerated.
Standing in line waiting for the pantry to open, Tim, a Gulf War veteran, and Herb, a Vietnam veteran swapped combat stories. 

The people of Fayette are able to enjoy it a little more thanks to those who make The Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry possible, Betty noted. “They are making a great gift,” she said, “by helping out the ones who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to purchase healthy food.”