Pantry Tax Credits

The Food Pantry Tax Credit is now available through The Food Bank.  Contact Mary at (573) 474-1020.

Neighborhood Tax Credits

The Food Bank has been approved by the Department of Economic Development through the Missouri Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) to make state tax credits available to any eligible person, firm or corporation in business in the State of Missouri. The NAP credits allow the qualified donor to subtract 50% of their total contribution from state taxes owed. A contribution of cash, stocks, bonds, or gift-in-kind (subject to proper documentation) is eligible for NAP credits. NAP credits may be used to offset the annual tax on gross premium receipts of insurance companies, corporation franchise tax, financial institution tax, gross receipts tax and individual income taxes. We encourage donors to talk with their tax advisors for eligibility.

NAP Tax Credit Highlights

– 50 percent of total contribution is eligible for state tax credits.
– Any person, firm or corporation in business in the State of Missouri is eligible to receive credits, such as:
– Corporations
– Sole Proprietors
– Farm Operations
– Individuals receiving income from rental property or royalties
– Small Business Corporations (S-Corps)
– Partnerships
– Financial Institutions
– Insurance Companies
– Limited Liability Corporations

– Credits may be used during the calendar year in which the contribution was made, or up to an additional five tax years. Any credits not used in one tax year, may roll over for the next tax year up to the five-year maximum.

– Once a business or individual makes a contribution to The Food Bank, donors need to:
1. Complete a Tax Credit Application form.
i. This must be done within 12 months of the date of the contribution.
2. Have your signature notarized.
3. Provide documentation:
~ for Checks – a copy of the front and back of the cancelled check or bank image statement.
~ for Credit cards – a copy of the credit card statement with donors name and account number listed along with the charge for the actual donation.
4. Submit this form to The Food Bank.

– The Food Bank endorses the application and submits it to the Department of Economic Development.

– After approximately four to six weeks, the donor will receive notification of approval from the Department of Economic Development. The donor then submits a MO-TC tax form with their annual income tax return to receive the tax credits.

If you have any questions, please call The Food Bank at (573) 474-1020 or visit
Missouri Department of Revenue