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Board of Directors

Dr. Wilson Beckett
Dr. Tina Dalrymple
Laura Erdel – Vice President
Russell Freeman
Shirley Johnson
Claudia Kehoe
Dr. Ron Kelley
Dr. George Kennedy
Dan Knight
Mariel Liggett – Past President
Ann Littlefield – Secretary
Scott Maledy
David Nivens
Ken Petterson
Joe Priesmeyer
Stefanie Rome
Steve Sowers
Judy Starr – Treasurer
Doreen Trecha
Tim Vicente
Todd Weyler – President
Lee Wilbers
Mary Winter

Executive Director – Lindsay Young Lopez
Associate Director – Bobbie Kincade
Adminstrative AssistantMary McKee
Administrative Assistant – Leah Patrick

Finance Staff

Director of Finance – Charity Snell
Bookkeeper – Viola Smith
Receptionist – Sandra Thomas

Development Staff

Director of Development - Julie Dorn
Grants Coordinator – Shelley Becker
Central Regional Coordinator – Travis Sappington
Northeast Regional Coordinator – Steve Yager
Northwest Regional Coordinator – Susan Dublin
Western Regional Coordinator – Darren White
Data Entry Specialist - Blair Lewis
Data Entry Clerk - Marjani Holt

Communications & Marketing Staff

Communications Coordinator – Mike DeSantis
Digital Media Specialist –  Michael Yetman

Volunteer/Food Drive Staff 

Volunteer Programs & Food Drive Supervisor – Melanie Lake
Volunteer Room, Days - Cathy Morrow
Volunteer Room, Evenings/Weekends – Teresa Coleman
Food Drive Coordinator - Kyle Hughley
Volunteer Room - Wes Coats
Volunteer Room - Doug Smith


Community Outreach Staff

Agriculture Community Development - Theresa Spaedy
Special Events Coordinator - Kimberly Kent

Support Services Staff

Northern Agency Relations Coordinator – Barbara Blackmon
Southern Agency Relations Coordinator - Melissa Schulte
Childrens’ Programs Coordinator – Stacey Brown

Operations Staff

Director of Operations – Daryle Bascom
Warehouse Supervisor – LaKeshia Wilson
Orders Clerk - Dee Dee Jackson
Government Programs/Inventory – Neal Loyd
Food Solicitor - Don Moore
Housekeeping - Lawrence Brown
Maintenance Technician - Michael Johnson
Warehouse Staff – Carnell Foster, James Humphrey, James Kuster, Reggie Landon, Dan Parks, Jr., William Six, Dave Daly, Richard Wright, Allen Williamson, Rodney Spencer, Robin Reynolds

Central Pantry Staff

A service of The Food Bank

Pantry Supervisor – Sean Ross
Pantry Staff – Tonia Martin, David Simpson, Joe Walker, Kevin Butterfield, John Tucker