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Virtual Food Drive

Traditional food drives are a great way to get nutritious food to those who need it most. But what if your workplace or organization doesn’t have room for a food drive barrel, or the on-site employees to make a central collection site convenient and effective?

That’s why we’ve added a Virtual Food Drive! It’s a fun, convenient and hassle-free way to help The Food Bank with a few clicks of a mouse. No need to make a special trip to the grocery store, and you can feel good knowing that your donation will be used to help distribute food to agencies throughout our community.

Holding a Virtual Food Drive lets you or your group get involved with ending hunger in Missouri in an easy, immediate and highly effective way. Among the benefits of hosting an online drive:

•Easy to use and manage.

•Allows for 100% group involvement.

•It’s eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

•Every $1 provides 11 meals to the hungry!

•Have fun and boost morale by dividing your group into competing teams!

*The product you ”purchase” in the virtual food drive may vary from the actual product mix that The Food Bank acquires.

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