About the Buddy Pack Program

"It helps my family because it makes sure we're not starving."

The Need

One in five children in our service area faces hunger on a regular basis, with more than half qualifying for free or reduced-price meals at school. Studies show children who face food insecurity are more likely to repeat experience problems at school, are more likely to suffer from anxiousness and irritability and tend to have to repeat a grade at school more often than peers who are not food insecure. In our service area, teachers report improved grades, behavior and social skills when children receive Buddy Pack nutrition compared to food insecure peers who do not receive Buddy Packs.

The Solution

The Buddy Pack Program distributes food on Fridays to children who rely on free or reduced-price school lunches. 

Buddy Packs are bags of kid-friendly nutrition including two ready-to-eat entrees, fruit cups, a nutritional bar, cereal and shelf-stable milk with peanut butter provided monthly. Buddy Packs are distributed to children at elementary and some middle schools.

The Food Bank also provides food to older children through school pantries. 

A $180 donation, or just $15 per month, provides one Buddy Pack to a child in your community for an entire school year.