What Our Recipients Say


In your opinion, has the Buddy Pack Program benefited this student?

“This is a brilliant child! She just has a very unstable home life. Buddy Packs give her food.”

“This child is often alone. This food allows him to feed himself without adult assistance.”

“He mentioned that this is the only food he has on the weekend.”

“This student needs all the help he can get. Trust me, he uses everything in his Buddy Pack.”

“Student asks if there are extra Buddy Packs.  Fends for self at a young age. It’s not fair.” 


How does the Buddy Pack help you when you’re not in school?

“Gives me food. I really need food.”

“Me and all my cousins live with grandma, so it helps her with food for all of us.”

“You get to eat and it is yummy.”

“Makes me feel better.”

“We have enough food cause Buddy Packs help.”

“I wish we didn’t need this.”

“It gives me food to make me want to come to school.”

“We need this food.”

“It helps me when I don’t have no food.”