The Buddy Pack program is designed to get  nutritious food to children who rely on free or reduced-price lunches during the school year. At elementary schools, Buddy Packs are bags that contain two ready-to-eat entrees, a fruit cup, cereal with shelf-stable milk and a nutritional bar. Peanut butter is provided monthly. At upper-level schools, food is discreetly distributed through school pantries. We distribute food to 7,500 children through the Buddy Pack program each week during the school year at more than 160 schools in our 32-county service area. 

In many cases, children report that this is the only food they have when they are not at school. A $180 gift provides a Buddy Pack food for a child every weekend during the school year.

"It gives me food when I need it. It helps my family out in ways you couldn't even imagine." - Buddy Pack Recipient