Larry Higgins and his nephew, Cody Kuttenkuler, wrap a pallet of eggs to be transported to The Food Bank.

Larry Higgins and his nephew, Cody Kuttenkuler, wrap a pallet of eggs to be transported to The Food Bank.

LH Poultry LLC in Moniteau County this week donated more than 66,000 cage-free eggs to The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri—a gift that will not only bring hope but also smiles to thousands across central and northeast Missouri. 

“While we get some eggs from a retail distributor in our service area, we do not always have them to give to our clients,” said Don Moore, food solicitor. “But we know eggs are an excellent source of protein and Vitamin D—and they are versatile and tasty. We are thrilled to be able to get them into the hands of people who cannot afford to buy them at the store.”
The average price nationally for a dozen eggs last month was $2.97, a 50% increase from just two years ago, according to the Labor Department.

For Larry Higgins, the donation allowed him to move some of his product without having to waste anything. 

“I had a lot of extra eggs and didn’t want to pitch them,” he said at his home on Chicken House Road near Tipton. 

When an acquaintance suggested donating them to The Food Bank, Higgins did not hesitate. 

“It’s for a good cause, and it helps people,” he said.

Transporting thousands of raw eggs in the back of a refrigerated box truck is not an easy feat. 
The eggs are put in flats, which hold 30 eggs and do not have lids. After stacking pallets with 72 flats, egg pallets wrapped with stretch wrap and wheeled to the truck.

Despite having to drive on a gravel road and over a few bumps on I-70, driver Albert Gainwell successfully delivered the eggs to The Food Bank warehouse without cracking a single one.

The eggs will now be distributed at Central Pantry and through the Mobile Pantry program, which sends refrigerated box trucks to low-income communities where brick-and-mortar pantries are not available. 

“This operation depends on the generosity of donors like Higgins, as well as the commitment of dedicated staff like Albert,” said Bobbie Kincade, associate director. “We appreciate both of them for making it possible for our clients to have healthy, delicious eggs.”