Total Pounds Shipped to Adair County in 2016:

649,066 lbs

We work with the following agencies to ensure residents of Adair County have access to nutritional meals:


We distribute Buddy Packs on Fridays to children who receive
free or reduced-price lunches at school. In some cases, this food is the only nutrition these children have at home during weekends and holidays. In Adair County, we distribute Buddy Packs through the following schools:


Providing 1 Buddy Pack every weekend for 1 school year = $180


In The News

Score Campaign Now Includes Adair County

Columbia Orthopaedic Group has become the presenting sponsor of the 2016 Missouri Tigers Score Against Hunger campaign, which will be held in Adair County for the first time ever.

The campaign is The Food Bank’s largest fundraising effort. Each fall, it challenges University of Missouri football fans to get in on the action by pledging a dollar amount per point scored during the season or by directing an outright gift to the Tigers’ campaign. 
Missouri Tigers Score Against Hunger began in 1995 under then MU Football Head Coach Larry Smith and continued under the helm of Coach Gary Pinkel. This year, Head Coach Barry Odom has agreed to carry on the tradition and participate. 

“With excitement around a new season under a new coach, we decided it was a good year to expand the campaign to all of our counties,” said Lindsay Young Lopez, executive director. “We know there are Tigers fans throughout central and northeast Missouri, so we wanted to make sure they had an opportunity to participate, as well.”

Donations from Score go directly into the acquisition and distribution of food to those in need. As of June 30, the half-way point in the fiscal year, The Food Bank had distributed more than 322,000 pounds of food in Adair County.

Missouri Tigers Score Against Hunger also encourages businesses and individuals to make leadership gifts, and those who do so are invited to a Victory Luncheon at the end of the season featuring Coach Odom. Columbia Orthopaedic Group has reached the Touchdown line, the highest sponsorship level possible. 

“Columbia Orthopaedic Group has been a tremendous partner to us over the years,” Lopez said. “We hope the group’s example inspires others to join us in the ongoing fight against hunger in our communities.”

Kirksville Mobile Pantry Serves Need in Adair County

Autumn Koulk, 31, loaded boxes of chicken breasts, lunchmeat, potatoes and juice into the trunk of her car last month while volunteers inside Faith United Methodist Church watched her 2-month-old.

The mom of three is on leave from a job at Head Start. Her husband is a school teacher in Milan, but "one check doesn't go far when you pay bills and get groceries," she said.

"I'm thankful for those who help provide for our families when we can't," she said.

Koulk's was one of 94 families that received food at the second Mobile Pantry to be held at the church. The mobile began in March to address the need in Adair County. 

Although The Food Bank distributed nearly 500,000 pounds of food in Adair last year, an estimated 2 million pounds of food is needed in the county based on persons in poverty.

The Mobile Pantry on April 20 was moved inside because of weather. Standing in a rainy mist on a cold morning, 3-year-old twins Gabe and Kurt waited with their grandmother, Shannon Curtis, for the doors to open. Curtis is a retired nurse who is taking care of her 86-year-old father while also temporarily housing her daughter, son-in-law and their three young boys while her daughter uses her GI Bill benefits to attend college.

Having a house full is tough, Curtis said. "This definitely helps out."

Katrina Todd is also going through a rough time after having to quit her job at Walmart because of conditions related to congenital heart disease. She had been a stay-at-home mom until her divorce and has since worked various retail jobs to care for her 12-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son.

"I need more food in the house," she said. "It gets tough when you get down to the end of the month."

Lisa Gersham is also dealing with the aftermath of divorce, having recently moved to Kirksville after living in Rolla with her husband for more than 20 years. "The hardest thing has been dealing with the price of everything," she said. "I clip a lot of coupons."