Spencer and Carter Bumby

Spencer and Carter Bumby

When Spencer and Carter Bumby—Rock Bridge High School graduates who now attend South Dakota State University—were given money for Christmas this year, they did not hesitate to donate it to The Food Bank.

“We were each given money to help people in need, and hunger is the most important thing to help fight,” Carter said. “Everyone has to eat, but not everyone can afford to eat.”

The twins each gave $500. Because of The Food Bank’s affiliation with Feeding America and the ability to purchase bulk foods at significantly reduced costs, the combined donation will provide $21,000 worth of groceries to those in need.

The Bumby brothers said the family decided prior to Christmas that they would forgo gifts for charity. Each of the four siblings had the opportunity to choose where to donate the dollars.

“My first thought was The Food Bank,” Spencer said. “The biggest problem is people going hungry.”

Carter and Spencer are no strangers to helping fight hunger. They both belong to Lambda Chi Alpha, and the fraternity’s philanthropic partner is Feeding America. Through events and challenges with rival universities, they donate food and funds year round.

While Carter admitted it might have been tempting to use some of his Christmas money on video games or other items for himself, “now it will actually do some good and go to people who need it.”

Carter, who is majoring in computer science, and Spencer, who is pursuing a degree in architecture, say they hope charitable giving remains part of their lives as they start their respective careers.

“We’ve been building on philanthropy through our fraternity and we hope that grows through college and as we head out and begin making money through our real jobs,” Spencer said. “Giving your own money to help others is more satisfying.”