On an especially hot day in July, Al and his cousin Toby sat in a vehicle while waiting for their turn to go through the line at a Mobile Pantry in Camden County.

Al, a former lawn care specialist, did not balk at the heat, saying he would rather be cutting grass in the near triple digit weather.

“I miss physical labor,” he said. “I loved long hours of mowing and hauling hay.”

Al has slowed down now and, having been self employed, lives on limited finances. Toby has a similar story - he worked construction jobs around the country before returning to his home to be closer to family.

The two ride together to the Camden County Mobile Pantry at Church of Osage Hills in Osage Beach on the second Friday of each month. In July, the two were thrilled to receive fresh watermelons, potatoes, apples and eggs. 

“It’s helping out a lot on groceries,” Al said. “Me and my wife are on a fixed income.”

Toby is quick to thank those who make the pantry possible. 

“It is a blessing,” he said. “God bless you.”